MUSIC: Rapking - Old Story

Rapking, the highly gifted Award-winning rapper, composer, and Scg Boss breaks the silence with a swift return has he fires out new a mesmerizing song titled “Old Story".

The young chap goes in hard with dope rap punches as he spit out true life experience from his past life which he titles “Old Story” as a come-back tune for his fans.

Finally, the excellent new rap feel good sound will inspire and motivate you; no doubt this tune deserve a spot on your playlist if you enjoy outstanding music.

Listen and share your thoughts below!


Verse 1
They were times I thought I was never gonna make it. 
Fucking messed up you saw I was almost naked. 
No true friend,loneliness was like a neighbor. 
Earned little despite my hard labours. Trynna foot the bills, that was a lot of stress.
Daddy had no will the pressure was really tensed.  
I guess you don’t know the feelings when your parents are alcoholic. And you committing crime visiting the police. 
I life full of tears,pains and misery. A walking cops was me then literally. Time so hard I couldn’t even feed believe me. But my heart was bent on rewriting my history. So I picked up the street and fucked the school. Trynna sell some bag. I did what I gotta do. Laps built of course you know I’m a mountaineer. For my both eyes the Brian was it’s antenna. Unlawful possession of fire arms would have been the charge. But they gat me locked up cause I went to some burial bash. Thinking that was gotta taut my effort or blur my future. Nigga it didn’t do shit other than make my bitch delete my pictures. I don’t mean to digress but that was really hurtful. Shoutout to Didi that always told me to be hopeful. With my eyes I watched my dreams turn nightmares. Hate now in the heart of the girl that once liked me.

Verse 2
Shoutout to my baby sis too,
Her love was commiserated. 
It was a light in the darkness. Helped me saw where I was headed. 
Each conversation or visitation ended in tears. And thinking about her welfare without me truly brought me some fears.
My responsibilities couldn’t let me eat in jail. Despite the food brought you saw I wasn’t feeding well. 
My prayer was God please Forgive this Sinner, cause I gat their names on a bullet and you know I mean that. 
Let’s get back to the topic. 
I’m making some money with my gang call that our hobby. 
Bad boy outlaw to the core. 
Smoking drugs,doing pills,fuck the law. 
War agains everbody war agains the world.  
I’m living like a rock sta fuck you I gotta ball. 
I know your energy toward seeing me out. 
Despite the isolation. Despite been brought outta the crowd.I hope that explains to you that a start must shine and no matter what you do Rapking a steady on his grind.  
Take away my breath and watch your daughter cry. 
Kill all my streets and watch your river dry. 
My name is Rapking


  1. I love the piece
    Amazing one.

    My suggestion
    " I didn't feel the voice of pain in the first verse.
    I only felt that in the quotable lyrics."

    Nice beat
    Nice one
    I love the song

  2. I love this keep it up

  3. I love the lyrics bro. More vibes

  4. SCG for life✅
    This is my ringing tone..

  5. What a touching story 😭


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