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NEWS: Virtius Kingsam POS Employee Who Abscond With Employer #160,000 Has Been Napped By The Police Force In Lagos

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 Virtius Kingsam POS Employee Who Abscond  With Employer #160,000 Has Been Napped By The Police Force In Lagos 

Virtius Kingsam who allegedly abscond with her boss POS business money has been arrested.

Ekemini Provost

Information reaching Gbeduxclusive Media Team by her Boss Ekemini Provost is that she was arrested by the police today at about 3:45pm been 11th May 2022 in Lagos State. 

In his words, the social media influencer Ekemini Provost, told our press correspondence that the girl who was his worker ran away with #160,000 worth of his business money and POS machine in Akwa Ibom State, has been apprehended by the police force through the help of his friend Kenci in Lagos. 

He said she confessed to the crime of carting away with her boss money and that she has finished the money, in his words on his whatsapp status, he revealed that he has personally make his demands on how he was going to recover his money while the police continue with their investigation of knowing her friend which was her accomplice.

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Gbeduxclusive will keep you updated with new development as it unfolds 

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