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NEWS: Diary of A Quintessential Leader: Review of Consultative visits of the Distinguished Senator Bassey Albert Akpan (3)

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 Wednesday Thoughts 

Diary of A Quintessential Leader: Review of Consultative visits of the Distinguished Senator Bassey Albert Akpan  (3)

This is the third in the series of review of the consultative visits embarked upon by the most preferred aspirant into the office of the Governor of Akwa Ibom State. 

In the last edition, we ended with Etinan Local Government Area. Next is the visit to Ukanafun Local Government Area.

On 9th April, 2022, the Akwa Ubok Abasi Campaign Organisation consulted the stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ) in Ukanafun, where the Distinguished Senator Bassey Albert Akpan informed the people of the good programmes he has in store for them. The health needs of the people will be handled through construction of secondary health facilities since the primary health centers in the area are constrained, he promised.

Some villages in the local area not linked to the national grid will be considered as OBA’s government will liaise with the relevant stakeholders to facilitate electricity supply to the area. 

Education will also be given due attention as incentives will be made available for teachers in the rural settlements to encourage them to do more towards proper grooming of our children. 

Abak Local Government Area was the next on 9th April, 2022. During consultation, OBA promised to revamp  the economy of the local area by embarking on a technical audit of the Abak Palm Oil Mill. This,  according to him, will help identify the problems encountered by the industry in order to revive it for maximal operations. 

The Ukpom road linking Abak to Idoro road will be constructed. Rural electrification and development will be given due priority. 

Moribund public schools are to be revamped for effective academic exercise. Skills acquisition and entrepreneurial development to engage youths productively will be one of the priorities for Abak. 

Essien Udim was the next, still on April 9. The ranking Senator, while revealing his plans for the local area and its people, noted the important role agriculture plays in the economy of the local area. 

He promised to create an enabling environment for the growth of small businesses from farm produce. This will include construction of 10 kilometre of asphalted road in every Local Government Area in the state. In Essien Udim, this will ease movement between the Ikpe Annang and Obo Annang. The intention is to boost the local economy and engage the youth meaningfully. 

Housing needs of civil servants, including staff of the general hospital, and that of some local schools will be given due attention. Electrification of rural communities will also be prioritised. 

On April 11, 2020, the Akwa Ubok Abasi Campaign Organisation paid a visit to Uruan to consult the stakeholders of the PDP. OBA promised to prioritise the development of local roads in order to enhance economic activities. 

The Ishiet Beach will be transformed to tourists’ destination to boost business opportunities of the people in the rural area. Fish processing centers will be developed to encourage the locals to venture into fish-farming. Water transportation is to be given due attention , to ease of movement of goods. 

The teacher-to-pupil gap in the area will be addressed as resources will be chanelled to the upgrading of schools and recruiting of personnel in the area.  

Still on 11th April, 2022, the campaign organisation went to Nsit Atai Local Government Area, where OBA observed that the local area is one of the most fertile in the state and promised to use a large hectare of land in the area for commercialisation and mechanisation of agriculture.

Rural roads will be constructed and enabling environment will be created to enhance the clay deposits in Ikot Esen Nsit.

One will believe that this remains the best consultative visit(campaign) ever. OBA has over the decades proven his leadership prowess, sagacity and competence,  and I believe when he takes over, all these promises will be fulfilled. 

Source: Ishmael Esenam 

This review continues next Wednesday.

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