A mother posed this photo on a popular women’s Facebook page and captioned it: “Disturbing”
Most of the women agreed that the photo is disturbing, blaming the mother of the child, others didn’t see anything wrong with it. What do you think?
See their comments below:

Tori-Wealth Ayofemi MascheranoSnr Itz not disturbing jor.. Na una people get bad mind and thoughts .. See an innocent pose.. Stop taking things too personal
Esther Esene She’s only displaying what she sees the mum and people around her do. So why the surprise? A child that is not guarded all in the name of CHILD ABUSE is bound to be like this. These girls take their children to parties where they drink 🍷, kiss and say vulgar things in their presence. If you’re a teacher you will know what I’m talking about. They come to school with these characters and attempt to SPOIL others. This is the only life these type of children know especially the children staying with all these self acclaimed BABY MAMAS and SLAY GIRLS. You haven’t seen, this is nothing. Ask any teacher you know to gist you. Nigeria 🇳🇬 is still good now but if we don’t change our mind set , it’s going to be disastrous. Materialism has killed this country!
Timi Kendabie It’s a beautiful pics but the girls mother needs to be seriously cautioned as she probably positioned the little girl for this shot. Her posture probably looks bad because she seems pretty too endowed for her age! She covered her gown between her legs n nothing is revealing. Bad photo posture or not, pedophiles still strike.
Paschal Enegido Well I see her been happy nothing more,,,maybe all your thoughts is not what she is thinking….someone happiness is now your problem..Maybe you people want her to be crying…just go and and argue with your ancestors….am titled to my opinion..democracy
Umar Farouk Adams teaching children nonsense. what else will u expect from them than nonsensical attitudes and immoral conduct. These kind of girl if she grows to be ashawo, u’ll see her very proud of it because hers is a well licensed one boldly stamped on it by her irresponsible parents. She does things without fear bcos after all, she got home support.
Anisiuba Chukwudi Acha Only a paedophile will be disturbed by this pose…let this child go and do her homework for christ sake..what are we turning into self…

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