Senior Pastor of the Living Faith church aka Winners chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo’s $40million Bombardier Challenger Private jet, seating pretty in his Dominion Hangar at Lagos Airport?. Bishop Oyedepo is reported to be the richest pastor in Africa.
How much is $40m in Naira again?
See more photos as shared by Sahara Reporters below
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Courage Omoregbee Show us his first tortoise(Volkswagen) car,so that we can compare before and after picture of different stages Of his life…..there is a story and sacrifice behind the glory.
AfroEflex Eflex Even d pope always flies economy class while busy using dat opportunity 2 preach on air, He has a bigger church and branches dan any Nigerians pastors will ever have , He also donated a Lamborghini giving to him to charity for kids in africa
Photos below:

Buddy Tamunoene Ngowari Dick And so what.. what should we do?when he sowed his first Benz to the church and it was sold to meet a need he then jumped a bus were where u guys then? When he fasted for days dry reading the scripture nite and day where were u rain on him and Sun dried his cloth….in the midst of deadly creatures.Where were u when he used grass to literally build a church and he was mocked in the early 80’s? Or when he had one coat and was still telling people that one day he will be a global figure and own jets, also telling them about a fifthy thousand capacity church even in poverty then. Pls stop posting all this so u don’t incur a curse on ur life.
Apstle James Bayeti That’s my father. Papa, I celebrate you and I’m glad to see you flying higher.  Let those who are angry with your achievements go and hug their street transformer.Psalms 110:2  The LORD shall send the rod of thy strength out of Zion: RULE THOU in the midst of thine ENEMIES.

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