MUSIC: PRINCE VIBES - CALL

Afrogospel Airtiste and Gospel Minister "Prince Vibes" came through with a spirit filled song titled "CALL".
CALL is a song that highlights he's personal life experiance and worries.At some point he almost gave up into fear. ''I became more concerned knowing that a lot of people out there go through same and even worst I came to understand that we can only find peace and solace to focus only on God's promises for us when we depend solely on him''

As I walk through the journey of life, omo, many things I see

Through my highs and my lows but papa never fall my hands

So me no fear tomorrow cause I know say omo e sure for me

So when my Fears try to woo me I go lift up my voice and

I go call on you

Oh them never know
The kind of Iove 
You have for me 
Anytime I call you go Dey pick
Always helping me to navigate 
Oh yeah them never know
Hmmm… let them know 

Verse 2 (Rap)

You say make I holla you
Cause your network no Dey fail, make I call on you.

You be the reason I’ve been running on a steady 

I’ve got my eyes on you that’s why me no fit see any SHEGE.

Enemies tried to toss me back and front

Make them push, even if I be rain I no go fall

On Christ the solid rock I stand, I no loose guard , I Dey for him yard

Bad as e bad, my papa no dey play me like football 

Na your (God) door I go just dey ding dong ding dong

When I want to hide and gain my freedom 

From the course of life that’s getting me drown

All my fears for tomorrow I lay them all down

To your feet cause I know you’re my healer 

Through my rise and fall, you’re my pillar

Cover me with your hands, I dey your kingdom

No go let bad man rub me dirty for cloth!

I go call on you 

Verse 2
When I lift up me eyes and I look to the hills

You’re the only one that I see

When it seems like my boat is gonna capside

You’re the one that says “Peace be still”

Many times I try to do this but you know I cannot do it only on my own.

Naysayers and enemies them try to tell me no no

When I chase my dreams.


  1. Wow this is amazing ,like the song is giving
    God bless u prince vibes .
    Greater heights I pray.

  2. I love the beat, the energy, good vibes Prince 🥰

  3. I love this song ❤️❤️

  4. Weldone nice lyrics

  5. Cheiiiiii🥰🥰🥰🥰😫🎉🎉🎉🎉

  6. Wow I love song boss prince vibe
    All thanks to God


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