Ebenezeri – Alayo Joyous (Audio)

Ebenezeri – Alayo Joyous (Audio)

   "Alayo Joyous," a skilled Gospel singer on the rise, has released her second (2nd) track, "Ebenezeri." "Alayo


Joyous" is a well-known female gospel artist whose renown and talent have spread far beyond her native Nigeria (Nigeria)... Following her (Alayo Joyous) illustrious career in the music industry, the acclaimed and well-known "Alayo Joyous" has recorded multiple stage performances (Ministraton) with top gospel artists in Nigeria, the United States of America (USA), and the United Kingdom (UK)...
"Alayo Joyous" penned the following; EBENERERI - Alayo Joyous (Ebenezer) is a song that reminds me of God's continual help in my life and in yours on a daily basis
"The LORD has helped us up to now/up to here/up to this moment," says Alayo Joyous (Ebenezer). In 1 Samuel 7, the Philistines assaulted Israel, but God provided his people victory over their enemies. Without lifting a finger to fight, I've been enjoying this great win, and in this song, I call him (God) OKUTA IRANLOWO NLA, ALABENU A SAASI, JAGUNJAGUN ODE ORUN, all of which are fantastic titles for God. Please, dear friend, pay attention to this divine revelation and be blessed.

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