Air Peace Passenger Reveal How God Spared Their Lives Yesterday, That Blogger Should Deceit From Passing Out Fake News - AMB Masterchef Emmanuel Ekong(Watch Video)


So we left the city of Owerri by flight using air peace at about 5:55 pm on 22 November, few minutes after departure 

we lost 3 of the craft engine on air, left with just 1 single one 

We had 3 options and some people were already saying their last prayers

Option 1: We will return to Owerri and crash land

Option 2: We were to take an emergency landing in any available airport but it's very risky

Option 3: The captain will have to find a way to land in the ocean

Our Captain was in coma after landing because he has use his years of expertise to help and God showed mercy, we were at a near death experience.

It could only be God, we landed safe and healthy there was no crash incident.

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So bloggers stop carrying fake news around, get facts before publication of any story so it won't send out a negative message to the public out there.


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