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NEWS: Mad Man Regain Sanity At Afaha Ibesikpo Market In Akwa Ibom State (Watch Video)

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 Yesterday being 15/10/2021

A great miracle took place at the Afaha Ibesikpo Market known as (Udua Afaha) a mad man regain his senses.

According to an eye withness Etim Endurance, who makes hair at Udua Afaha Market.

Etim Endurance told our media team that at about 2pm yesterday a pastor who alway come to preach in the market on a daily routine, was praying with the market women, few minutes later a mad man who is popularly known as Kufre came and was listening to the preacher preach, he stood there for over 1hour starring at the preacher.

Miraculously Kufre fell on his knees, when the preacher notice that he placed his Bible on top of Kufre's head and pray for him.

His faith cut off with him and surprisely the mad man regained his sanity and the whole people in the market were astonishined.

The market women sang songs of praises and offered cloths for the mad man to change up his rags, he was also given a  shoe to  change into. The mad Kufre became sane again.

Watch video below

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