Biography Of Bai d Gr8


Emerging as a charismatic and social advocacy singer from Lagos, Nigeria.  Bai d Gr8 is becoming one of the Afrobeats’ most promising upstarts. The self-assured singer began making music while growing up in Bariga, a far-flung suburb of Lagos. His groovy take on Afropop is inspired by the boisterous music of Fela, Tupac Shakur, Burna boy, and Justin Bieber.

  A Computer Scientist by training but a musician by heart. Bia’s love for music took priority over everything else.  

He is influenced by the community, culture, and sounds of his hometown. 

Bai d Gr8 aspires to perform music that speaks to fans across the musical spectrum. His signature style has become synonymous with a diverse collection of melodies and compositions
Bai d Gr8’s debut, a five-track EP titled “Breakforth” comes with diverse tastes and shows that this is a talent to watch out for.

Breakforth is a collection with “Jeje”, a suitable hit for the dancefloor, “Stay your lane” admonishing hard work and faith.

“Something” talks about hope and “Energy” encourages people to stand up to their fears.
The last track, “Modupe” shows gratitude.
Bai d Gr8’s music embodies the overwhelming energy and reflects his mantra - ‘my music will keep your soul warm’.
With a distinct voice and a rare mix of afrobeat rhythms and western sub-genres, Bai d gr8
Is currently gearing for a series of releases and videos.

Among Bai d Gr8’s notable quotes are:
“Great music and rhythm is so sharp that it penetrates the soul without resistance” –Bai d Gr8
“Music is the most lethal form of magic no one escapes it, even the creator “–Bai d Gr8
“Listening to great music when depressed sad or excited will keep your soul warm”- Bai d Gr8
“Music is life” - Bai d Gr8
“Music connects us” - Bai d Gr8
“Music can make or break us” - Bai d Gr8
“Music sees us through the pains” - Bai d Gr8


Birth Name: Babafemi Ademileke Ikujebi
Place of birth:  Lagos, Nigeria.
Genres: Afro-fusion, Dance hall, Afrobeat, Afrotrap, Afropop
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Computer programmer & Teacher.
Instruments: Keyboard, Trumpet, Harmonica, Recorder, and Guitar.



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