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NEWS: The All Nigerian in Diaspora Organization (ANID Worldwide) Launches Initiative to Support Nigerians Back Home

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The "All Nigerians In Diaspora" as an organization expresses its condolences to the

families and friends of those who have lost their lives during the protest and wishes the injured a quick recovery.

The seriousness of the recent event that happened has require us to put in place measures and initiatives to support our brother and sisters back home (Nigeria) in the following format:

1.Emergency needs Fund Grant

2.Medicals Support

3.Legal Support

Please Visit to file a claim.

AnidWorldwide recognizes the right of citizens to freedom of demonstrating and expressing

peaceful assembly and protest.But it is also important that we focus on safety first.

Today’s generation of young people is the largest the world has ever known. 

One in every three people alive today is under the age of thirty, and around ninety percent of young people are creating opportunities for themselves,

It is of the view that The Priority for a Better Nigeria is Almost Inevitable..

In order to underscore the importance of safety and peace,we employ you to calm the protest and

observe the answers to the request asked for .

Finally, Anidworldwide appeals to federal goverment of Nigeria to meet up with the promises made with fast actions.

God Bless Nigeria.


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