The Talent Manager and Media Strategist took to his social media pages adorable pictures to celebrate his birthday, as he thanks God for an opportunity of seeing another year admist all that the world in going through this year. 

Mr. Manager is a Professional Accountant who took up Talent management whilst in school, expands his curiosity to media strategizing to stay up with the changing world. 
He's also the owner of the popular Entertainment supporting brand in Cross River State, "CALABAR HITMAKERS" as he also heads the Cross River State lead artist "Challex D Boss" media team. 
In a chat with Mr. Manager today he said "Calabar have got marvelous talents especially in Music and Acting, though we lack investors and white angels,  the Cross River State Government is trying on it own bid to see this sector succeed. A word to most especially artists is 'Planning, not short term planning and dropping of hit songs', but planning on how to build a career, planning on how to break out, planning on how to position for the great good."
Artists today drop songs so they can get help from where God knows, forgetting music is a business and needs it own business ethics and inputs. 
Artists who planned their career do far better than artists that plan how to drop singles and covers. 

E.g. An artist gets 2m naira to invest in his music. 
1. The artist that plans on how to drop singles and blow will naturally starts thinking of how to drop a hit song featuring a big industry artist and of course shoot a video. He places his fund on a 50 50 chance. 
2. The artist that plans for his career will invest 1m, use 500k for best music production and the remaining 500k for branding. He's gradually growing into the industry with a lot of great sounds and an investment. 

Think about it. 

Happy Birthday Mr. Manager CEO Calabar Hitmakers, live healthy, live long, prosper in all you put your effort in to the betterment of the Entertainment industry in cross river state. 

Gbeduxclusive celebrates your new age 


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