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"There is no jewel in the world so valuable as chaste and a virtuous woman."
- Miguel De Cervantes

All over the world, mother's are being celebrated today for their contributions to humanity. The role of women in the home, society or in nation building cannot be overemphasized and words are not enough to convey the deepest emotions felt for them. 

The spotlight is beamed on one of Nigeria's unsung heroine, a woman who's mien depicts the description above by Miguel; a Spanish writer widely regarded as the greatest writer in the Spanish language, and one of the world's pre-eminent novelists.

Linda Ugwuye Ayade, Wife of the Digital Governor of Cross River State, Senator (Prof) Benedict Ayade, was born on December 23 and hails from Obudu Local Government Area of Cross River State. She was joint to her husband in marriage on October 2, 1999 and they are blessed with three children. 
Mrs Ayade holds an MBBS from the University of Port Harcourt and MPH from University of Wolverhampton, majoring in Health Improvement and Health Promotion. She is also a member of Nigeria Medical Association and General Medical Council of United Kingdom. Until 2014 she worked with the National Health Society in the UK, in 2016, she was awarded a Maternal Health Ambassador by the United Nations for her contributions to reduce childbirth mortality rate in her state. 

The First lady on assumption took it upon herself to ensure that hospitals and Primary Health Care Centres in the state are stocked with state-of-the-art equipment which will outlive her husband's administration, this has earned her admiration and recognition from the First Lady of Nigeria, Mrs Aisha Buhari, the United Nations and other Non Governmental Organizations. 

Over the years, Dr Linda Ayade has proven beyond doubt that she is a woman of substance. Quietly and devoid of pomp and pageantry, she has been going around touching lives of women and children in Cross River State. As a medical practitioner, on several occasions, she has joined her medical colleagues at the theatre to carry out surgical operations, went on ward rounds and communicated one on one with the patients and also found time out of her busy schedule to spend time in the consulting room attending to patients.

Cross River State is blessed to have such a woman to support His Excellency, Sir Ben Ayade not just to build the home and train the children, but to build a state for generation unborn. She is the invisible hand working wonders in the state to ensure that the Governor delivers on his mandate, her contributions, personally and officially have been of immense value which is already evident in the delivery of democracy dividends and through policies of government. 

On Mother's Day 2020, this write up is inspired to celebrate Her Excellency for being the sparkle that makes her husband shine and for constantly remaining a strong backbone, unlike other First Ladies who would be busy struggling the spotlight and seen everywhere adorning expensive clothes and jewelries. 
Women like Dr Linda Ayade make mothers and motherhood worth celebrating every day.
Happy Mother's Day. 

© Nelson NseAbasi (2020).  


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