GX GOSSIP: Samini Finally Caught! Opens up to the Public and Admits he Slept with his Friends Mom

Fresh troubles was one of the local TV series that really made waves on TV screen. Due to it star stud prowess it was the talk of town and was on the lips of every Ghanaian.
Early and mid-2000s in Ghana it had huge music stars such as Lord Kenya, Korkorveli and Samini featured on it.
In this Episode, Bongo played by Samini is caught by ATWEE having an affair with his friend’s mum.

The reality world of Bongo turns sour as he becomes a victim of Atwee’s blackmailing demands.
In the course of Atwee’s persistant demands, Bongo loses it and shouts the secret out in the hood. Now TK his friend is about to hear that Bongo has slept with his mother, now the story gets you interesting on edge.
Characters in Fresh troubles were allowed to plot to humor and drama to entertain it’s audience.
There is also a bone of contention between Ghanaians who compare this great TV series Fresh troubles to Things we do for love. And the argument is never ending as the huge fan base of fresh troubles will go ever mile to defend the uniqueness of their favorite TV series.

The producers of fresh troubles are still around buzzing our TV screens for all this year.
Their current TV series Nima 441 runs on GhOne TV.
Nima 441 is one of the hottest neighborhoods in the city of Accra. And their TV series seeks to capture the day to day activities of folks in the neighborhood. Let’s make a date to catch a glimpse of the much talk about TV series on GH One TV.

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