GX GOSSIP: Funny Moment Speed Darlington Was Held Hostage After Refusing To Give Area Boys Money At Obalende, Lagos (Watch Video)

Speed Darlington’s car was mobbed by some area boys in the Obalende area of Lagos, yesterday as they wanted their ‘entitlement’ from him.

The comic rapper who just got back to Nigeria after 17 years of being away as a typical Igbo man that he is, made some permutations about the money he has made and refused to give them. He says there is no way he would be struggling/hustling so much to have some money spent for himself and some people would just come from nowhere to get it off him effortlessly.
Meanwhile during all of these talks, the area boys were not ready to backdown as they wanted their ‘entitlement’ at all cost. On seeing their resilience, Speed Darlington decided to give-in… throwing some money outside of the car window and he was then freed.

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