yaga...ye..ye..ye... Motivation..... shay dem been think sey...on a low na.... Chomirazzy yenyen eh ye..ye... whoos....

      (sub chorus)

some people talk sey i no go blow... some people talk sey i no go shine....oh ehn 

God dey bless me...

na papa God dey bless me... olowa show me me mercy! show me love make i no go die for nothing.... 


i say the life we dey live no pain no gain

the hustle done dey sopose to pay

no be today wey start the game...

and no be today wey we start d race oh....ya...yayaya

   (chorus) shayo..everyday na shayo and i dey thank God sey....na shayo


   (Verse 1)e no good to depise a man when u no knw wetting be en plans..

me i no be that kind of man wey dey talk wetting be en plans...

becouse me no dey fear person...but i too respect person...

and me no dey try person but if u try me i fit to kpie person....Eh...eh..eh

dj's wey done fall my hands that time i no get the cash...people wey wan run me down dem go talk see that bad child...


dem jst dey feel ho when i dey sing ho dem no rezist ho shuga beat ho i wanna sing ho...ha...yeh  Shuga shuga shuga beat ho give me beat oh make i sing oh burst dere brain without  buttle

give dem vibes make dem listen to. why anything wey i do badbele most to talk but Still i dey consentraite as i dey sing my song i dey meditate ho...ah


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