GX GOSSIP: Female Fan Blast Tigerman For Exiting His Label For Okpo Rekordz, Could This Be Because Of The 10Million (Photos)

Years back when Tigerman returned back from Lagos it was made known to all that he's affiliating with Okpo Rekordz Rich Empire as an in-house producer for the brand.

Rumours had it that  he started he own movement called the RIDDICKS where he signed a reggae artist named Mikolo, months later the label "RIDDICKS" introduced another artist "Leo Ceaser".

Few hours ago after RIDDICKS artist Leo Ceaser made a post about Tigerman  joining Okpo Rekordz, a female fan went straight to DM Tigerman asking him why he left his newly formed label to join Okpo Rekordz and as shocking as it could be Tigerman in his own words replied "Hmm! It's too early for this questions".

The female fan responded by saying "Everything happening is so fast and funny I swear", Tigerman immediately replied "Then If you dint like the way it's going... Then go away abeg.

With this response the fan when wild by savaging Tigerman saying "Suite yourself MR 10MILLION GANG"

See screenshots of the conversation between the two parties;

The question is, is Tigerman actually joining Okpo Rekordz because of the 10 Million the Governor gave to them or what cause it's definitely to early to abandon your label and artist to join another movement

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