Newtelegraph reports that 17-year-old Aisha Ibrahim Isa stated that two other students later confessed they stole the money at the Dr. Kulu hostel.

She further described the allegation against her as painful and unfortunate, and as such, putting her reputation to jeopardy, shame and discredited her person.

Aisha vowed not to return to the school even if she is discharged from the hospital and even if the school authority exonerated her from the allegation.

The girl, who was admitted at the Murtala Mohammed Hospital, Sokoto, allegedly got a torch light battery, ground it, mixed it with water and drank it.

While speaking from her hospital bed, Aisha who was in tears, narrated the ordeal and shame she was forced to experience in the cause of the interrogation, especially by the school’s disciplinary and Students Affairs Committee. 📷: Newtelegraph

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