Feelingz pours out his mind in his very words of what the encountered from the hands of Mc Galaxy during their signing to MCG Empire.

Bro, please be careful how you mention my name while trying to buy the
hearts of innocent up coming and fast growing artistes especially from your
state Akwa ibom, you and I know the truth about why I left your label so
stop being an asshole.

You didn't tell people how you ate the 15M naira Governor Ben Ayade gave us
for the song I wrote for him (Shupe 4 Ayade) and how you abandoned the crew
you took to Calabar including your artistes without a kobo to feed or even
drink water.

I (Feelingz) was forced to run around if I could find a working ATM in Calabar to get
money and get food for us especially our sound engineer ifexz whom you
starved from Lagos to Calabar.

Mc Galaxy, wickedness is when ifex came to you to beg you for an amount of
money to buy food and you asked him to leave while you where busy counting
the money we worked for.

You got angry because I went out to get food, that was when you started
your beef all because you wanted to eat the money alone .

So why didn’t you give me my 30% as agreed in the deal? And all you could
do was pretend to be angry and that was how Lybra and i left Calabar to Uyo
that same night.

 After 3months you called to ask if I was in Lagos that Pimpz or ifex was
going to direct me to the new apartment but when I came you brought a new
contract asking me to record 10tracks for you and sign the deal by this
time you had already given up on Lybra without letting him know which I
told you was not right .

And I didn’t understand why you wanted me to submit 10tracks to you not
like u don’t know how I sound like.

Your friends called and told me to be careful with you and about the tracks
you requested, that was the same period you were working on your MMM album
which I helped worked on some tracks but all of a sudden you got really
serious about me submitting the tracks you requested.
You asked me to go and gather the tracks from where I recorded them and
bring to you.

By this time I already knew where you were going to, so i didn't respond to
that and in the new deal you changed everything and wanted to turn me to a
house boy after recording Lap Dance which u didn't promote or even send me
to any radio station for interview plus the hunger wey I face for your

Did you tell them I was the one taking care of myself while In the label?

Did you tell them it’s just one Jean and three shirts you bought for me in
the label?

Did you tell them how I didn't have a phone until a friend helped me out?

Did you tell them i didn’t have a room in your empire ?

Did you even bother to know how I survived in your empire??

All you know is how to invite girls and spend on them, forgetting you have
artistes to promote.

Seriously, I was quite all this while cause I respect you despite all your
fuckups but for you to mention my name on your interview, saying things I
know nothing about is the reason people need to know the truth.

I was present when you did producers challenge and promised to buy icebeat
(Chillinz) a Mac system which you never did and he left the house without
getting a dime from you.

You remember what number 6 in the first deal talked about (that no party
had the right to bring in a different deal except both parties agree) that
alone bridged the contract and you thought i didn't see the new deal? Lol, i
still have a Copy of it for proof.

Stop deceiving people’s children and destroying their careers please MbOk (Please) go and help your poor mother and siblings before you talk about helping

If you are saying the artistes you picked to help were the problem, what
happened to NEZA that came all the way to join you in your empire and in
the same Room? Am sure you suspended her too?

My Brother learn to be truthful, if this continues


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