How the NDDC stepped in to fill the gap left by Udom Emmanuel

For the last three years, Udom Emmanuel does not seem to have been very active in terms of infrastructure. And because of that, the prospect of losing re-election are now looming.

Luckily for Akwa Ibomites, the NDDC stepped in to fill the gaps. After Nsima Ekere was appointed MD of the NDDC, an unprecedented investment in infrastructure started.

The NDDC under Nsima started investing in internal roads across Akwa Ibom. Continuing the major highways that Akpabio had built in his tenure, the smaller roads that joined them started rapidly being built by NDDC and Nsima Ekere.

When Udom saw that, he started also trying to do his - but like they say: too little and too late. While Akpabio built 1,300 kilometres of roads, Udom has barely built anything!

Would it not benefit us more to have builders in power? People who have a track record of delivering infrastructure projects?

I personally think so - we need to move away from the talkers to doers!


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