The most prestigious Awards IBOM ALL STARS MERIT AWARDS (IAMA) 2018 De Enigma which is one of biggest platform in the city of Akwa Ibom.

IAMA was put together as a mean of projecting, encouraging and also acknowledging creative and outstanding entertainers who have been head ups in their craft 2018.

IAMA Awards

IAMA was suppose to take place tomorrow being 15 December 2018 in the city of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State have been resheduled.

Tk Sporadic

GbeduXclusive Media got a one on one chat with one of the organizers of the prestigious awards "Mr Tk Sporadic" and he had this to say.

"We are ready to make IAMA one of the loudiest awards in south south as a whole, finances and other vital requirement like the venue artiste have been put in place, just that the guest artiste  is suppose to headline the event is currently on his Tour and secondly some technical issue came up and its really beyong our control which have eaten up our time interval of the project".

Nsima Ekere endorse IAMA

Kcee endorse IAMA

But we will put out a new date for the awards which will be officially and properly announced.

We wish all our Nominees a merry Christmas in advance as we look forward to putting out a better and greater event.

Season Greetings to all the memebers of the working committee and stake holders who have one way or the other supported the event.

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