Snakes are wild animals, so of course they can bite you regardless of how long you’ve owned them. The same is true of any wild animal, even “cute” ones like raccoons and squirrels. Not being domesticated animals, they are genetically more prone to fight or flight responses than domestic animals.
Snake keepers manage this risk by learning to speak the snake’s language. Of course snakes don’t talk, but they communicate quite a lot of information with their behaviors and body language. Just laying in a new spot in their enclosure can be a sign that they’re sick or stressed or something like that. To keep snakes successfully you have to not only understand how they behave, but also why they behave the way they do.

Whenever the snake has been startled or is actually frightened, and wants to be left alone. A quick bite and release gets the point across. This occurs when someone startles a snake by reaching for it when it wasn’t paying attention, or grabbing it suddenly, and with snakes that aren’t tame or simply don’t like being handled. Very young snakes are often defensive, because they haven’t yet learned that humans mean no harm.
A snake lover in Damongo in the Northern region of Ghana has been strangled to death by his own pet python after it wrapped itself around him under bizarre circumstances.The man, identified to be Mr.Samed, met his untimely death whilst on his way to a friend’s baby naming ceremony bash.
Mysterious reasons this is the least common cause of bites from snakes to the owners. It’s hard to say whether it’s an ‘attack’ or not. Probably not. No one really knows what the snake is thinking in these cases. It’s very rare, but sometimes a snake will simply bite a person for reasons unknown.
The victim who was a pillion rider on a motorcycle had the friendly snake coiled around his neck. Luck, however, eluded him when the python, generally described to be a friendly pet became untamed after a minor accident. The now cold-eyed python couldn’t differentiate between its owner and onlookers who tried to rescue him as it became sore towards anyone who draws closer to it.
‘Poor Samed was strangled to death by the python after it girdled itself around his whole body. Sources say Samed uses the snake as a fountain of magical powers to charm money for his clients, a practice which is common among a section of the youth.
In the early hours of the day, some eyewitnesses say they sighted him with the same snake charming money.Watch the Video below;

So snake lovers, you need to be careful with your so called pets.

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