Now this is absolutely shocking, I mean; how can a man be making love to a cow? What gave me the goose bumps of my life is the fact that he was penetrating the cow without a condom, he’s definitely going to make love to his wife or Girlfriend and thereby transferring sexual transmitted infections to the poor innocent woman gash..!!!…
A clip showing a Fulani herdsman in the act of making love to a cow has made the rounds on Twitter.
A viral video has captured a Fulani herdsman while making love to his cow in Kubwa, Abuja.
The clip, shared via Twitter on Monday, March 26, 2018, revealed a man who assumed a thrusting position in a bid to penetrate the animal.
“Herdsman seen having s*x with one of his cows, today, at Kubwa, Abuja,” reads a tweet by Instablog9ja which also included a footage of the shocking incident.

A well built 26-year-old man was caught pants down having sex with a his neighbors’ cow in Hamisi, Vihiga County.
The six-feet-handsome man, Cedric Ajimba, from Kapchorwa village, who will otherwise be the darling of many village girls, had removed his clothes and hanged them on a tree when his neighbour found him in the act.
The cow owner had tied it on a tree to graze as is the habit in the village.
“I was passing by and heard some weird noise coming from the cow, when I went to check it out I found the man on top of the cow,” said the owner.
It was then that he called for help from other neighbours to arrest the randy man. But Ajimba did not take the arrest lightly, he engaged the entire village in a fierce battle for half an hour before he was subdued.
The man was arrested after the fierce fight and taken to local police station. He was later charged and jail for one year by a Hamisi court.
Sources at the scene say going by the many footprints at the ‘crime scene’ it was not the time Ajimba was having sex with the same cow.
Hamisi District Medical Officer of Health Dr. Joel Idalia said such behaviour is a medical condition. Dr. Idalia said a normal person would fight for his wife not for a cow as Ajimba did.
Dr Idalia said such people should not only be jailed but they also the need psychiatrist attention. He said when this people come from jail without counseling the go back to the same old ways.
Apart from the cow incidence, Hamisi has recorded high numbers of defilement of young girls. Dr. Idalia said research should be done to establish the cause of high appetite for young children by Hamisi men.
There are 15 defilement cases, four rape cases and 1 unnatural act before Hamisi Resident Magistrate Court between January and July 2014.
Most of the cases affect young girls below the age of 10, and mentally and physically challenged.
Dr. Idalia said this is a condition because there are very many beautiful girls in Hamisi but the offenders overlook and see the young children.

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