Nothing is permanent in this life.. Not even the life itself 😰
You might be a millionaire today, tomorrow you might be on the street begging for money. Change is inevitable
There are several examples of people especially artistes who at point were shutting down shows and dropping fire songs but then you wonder where that shine went 🤔
Fans will say “It’s their village people or the babalawo didn’t finish work
D’banj‘s story is like that. Coming back from the States together with old pal, Don Jazzy to set up Mohits Records seemed like an uphill task. Artistes were signed, everything was going on smoothly.
D’banj especially was the focal point of the label. He was like the Messiah of Mohits then. Every song he dropped were hits. Countless shows he shut down, several local and international awards he won.
There was one show D’banj performed with only towel. 😂😂😂 No one matched the class and aura Dbanj brought on stage then.
Days of Tongolo Music. Dbanj‘s music was centered around women. And it had several themes. There was always a story in many of Dbanj’s songs and the fans never grew tired of them.
His success also affected other Mohits artistes.
Wande Coal was also starting to become a little boss, his dolorous voice stood out, Dr Sid also dropped one of the best album that year, D’Prince‘s star was also starting to shine.
The team was untouchable and they were the envy of other record labels. Anywhere they went, their entry was a grand one and there was always an uproar.
We started to feel more of Dbanj‘s influence when he organised a reality show, from there he also dropped Mr Endowed which got a feature with Snoop Dogg. Man was already going international.
However, Dbanj‘s success began to get into his head. He started to get ideas that he could run his own record label and acquire all his royalties from shows to himself without having to split it with Don Jazzy or any other person.
News was that the bulk of the money used to run Mohits were from Dbanj‘s royalties from shows and record sales. It was said Dbanjonly collected 50% while the other 50% went to the record label.
Dbanj started to feel like he was cheated and it was time he established his own franchise. His Entrepreneurial skills became activated. But he was careful to make this move.
Months after, He dropped Oliver Twist and that song went viral. It got into UK Hot 100 and it was getting reception in the international community. He was later signed by GOOD Music, a record label owned by Kanye West. It was a partnership deal with Mohits that time similar to the one Tiwa Savage signed with ROC Music.
Slowly, the Oliver Twist success started to get into Dbanj’s head, it was time to quit Mohits. It was like a battle then with Don Jazzy. So many people had to be called to settle the beef. But it was no beef.
Dbanj was tired of being a slave. He wanted to become a master. The record label was broken apart. Other label acts started to take sides, Kayswitch followed his brother. Dr SidD’Prince went with Don JazzyWande Coalwas torn between choosing D’banj or Don Jazzy.

D’banj pleaded with him to follow him but Black Diamond went with Don Jazzy. He felt Don Jazzy had more industry expertise and influence than D’banj.
D’banj established DB Records, signed 2Kriss, his brother ‘Kayswitch‘ and Durella. His star began to dwindle, people no longer vibed to his music.
Had his village people started to follow him?
To make matters worse, Kanye west was no longer pleased with his output, his music was no longer appealing. His contract would later be terminated and he went back to Nigeria to concentrate fully on his local music.
Back home, Don Jazzy‘s new franchise had started to blossom, Tiwa Savage and some other artistes had been signed and they were already disturbing the country with Dorobucci.
In a nutshell, D’banj destroyed the fruitful career he had been building with his own hands.

▪️ What Would Have Happened If Mohits Had Not Splitted?

▪️ Korede Bello And Reekado Banks Wouldn’t Have Been Signed..

▪️ Maybe D’banj Would Still Be Ruling.. Who Knows!

▪️ But What Do You Think Happened To Dbanj?

▪️ Is Village People Or His Own Greediness?


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