According to reliable source who spoke with our reporter on this issue and refused to be named, because of security reasons, he verified and corroborated that Governor El-Rufai with senators and ex-governors mentioned in this leaked evidence in actual fact bought the Guns and Ammunitions that the Herdsmen are using to go on a rampage to terrorize people in this latest saga. This source who’s a native of Kagoma, Kaduna state, had this to say.”Governor EL-Rufai is the chief architect as well as some other politians, are involved in this ongoing Herdsmen massacre. Buhari is also very much aware of this and in fact they seem to be working hand to hand. He continued; we Nigerians need evidence and this is the proof as well as names of (Ex-governors, Senators) who’s names were linked to be the grand sponsors of this herdsmen latest attacks.

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