In a rather rare version of events two of Nigeria’s most followed Instagram models @peace_olayemi and @noradosh have told their followers that they will be launching an explicit premium service.

Subscribers will have to pay the sum of 15,000 naira weekly to gain access to this service; what they get in return is, assess to these model’s “nudity, sex toys and of course, lesbian sex” (which we will assume is a shabby attempt at finding a discreet way to write “lesbian sex).
According to an advertorial posted via their Instagram stories, the models will host the live sessions on their Instagram profiles;
Recall that the first time “setting up a premium account” for explicit activities was male Barbie doll, Bobrisky’s failed attempt at climbing into exclusivity.

If the effeminate’s foray into premium content showed anything, it is that there are Nigerians who will pay for what they want, regardless of how overpriced it is.
Though we have a strong culture of bootlegging and if there’s a cable we can connect to the back of the phone that’ll us see it without paying, we’ll find it.
But it’s sex we’re talking about.
These models have sizeable followings too, one with close to 68,000 followers.
Instead of trying to convince an entirely new selection of people, they have a pool of familiar people to choose from.
Some of these will convert into paying followers by default.
All of this is conjecture, of course. Either way, sex now sells on Instagram for 15k naira a week.
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