Learning to read and write is a fundamental right. Yet, 38 % of
African adults (some 153 millions) are illiterate; two-thirds of these
are women. Africa is the only continent where more than half of
parents are not able to help their children with homework due to
illiteracy." - UNESCO

Launching 01/07/2018, Teacherfrica is a proposed mobile application
that will be on Android and Apple Operating Systems. Its users will be
able to register as either students, teachers or mentors.

The eteachrfrica
Team aims at achieving the following goals in the neatest future;

1. Eliminating illiteracy in Africa
The importance of the ability to read and write in the 21st century
can not be over emphasized. Unfortunately this is still a great
challenge for millions of Africans, children especiallu. No other
mission takes precendence ahead eliminating illiteracy with a mission
to reduce it by 70% in 2020

2. Creating jobs for millions of Africans
Because Teacherfrica is a platform where students and teachers meet,
millions of qualified candidates will earn a daily living as teachers
amd mentors. #Teacherfrica solves this.

3. Book supplies on world class elibrary
Of all academic needs having the right reading materials at the right
time is essential to academic success. Students wilk have limitless
access on our elibrary via the platform. #Teacherfrica solves

4. Chatroom where future leaders rub minds
Users can discuss assignments with fellow mates and share knowledge
with themselves from different parts of the continent. Topics ranging
from development, health, governance to other key issues that affect
Africa can also be discuss via the Teacherfrica chatroom.

5 Building the next generation of African leaders
African children and youths in general are the future leaders of the
continent. Therefore they should be equipped with the necessarily
skill sets, to make them compete globally with their peers.

6. Scholarship for all student users
Teacherfrica is free for download across all platforms for students
and teachers. Teachers charge a token. Students who still cannot
afford to pay the highly subsidized fee apply for a full schorlarship,
and are mostly granted.

Truly, every African child deserves at least a basic education to
enable him/her solve basic arithematics, read, write and communicate
in flautly in both local dialect and national language. It is
important we achieve this goal if truly we want to make global leaders
out of our future generations.

Join the Teacherfrica project by visiting www.teacherfrica. com

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