Nollywood actress, April Joju Muse, on Monday claimed that she was sexually molested by a lesbian in church during Sunday school.
The perfect union cast said she encountered this at a very young age of six, she also said she couldn’t protect herself from the violent act and that even Jesus allowed this to happen to her.
She also labeled Jesus a “powerless deity” and when she was criticized for this word she has heap abusive words on all those that kick against this.
She said that many young girls have gone through this, many are going through this and many more will still go through this (s-xual harassment) and he Jesus will still not protect them from it.
The self-profess light bearer wrote; “Jesus didn’t protect me, the church couldn’t protect me. My Sunday school teacher didn’t even care. And I had to grow up and keep quiet until I had the courage to heal.”
Jesus may not have saved you that day but he is saving and keeping you till today, or do you think you merit all what you have achieved?


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