October 04, 2017

GX GOSSIP: GbeduXclusive Reveals That Wizkid & Davido Are Both History Makers (Read Up) | @wizkidayo @iam_Davido

Pheeew!!! So I wrote this up I’m not really on the ‘Davido-Wizkid’ shit…. But crunch this.

I made up my mind not to talk about this Davido and Wizkid thing again…. But!!!
I made up my mind not to talk about this Davido and Wizkid thing again…. But!!!
Wait o, So Wizkid made history in UK… While I’m gonna cough is this…

We africans don’t recognize ourselves…
Wizkid went to UK, to the royal hall wich carries a population of JUST 5400 people, with a worth of $200k(I’m a blogger I know my facts)

I heard he sang Ojualegba and had the whole UK singing to it( Ycee and Maleek Berry had the whole crowd singing to Juice at the just concluded Jay-Z’s concert)
Yeaaah!! WizzzzY Wizkid made history!! And I love him 4 always Creating history…

Davido made something very very unique, his 30 Billion World tour Was epic and legendary!!!

What I’m using to counter my brother who posted about Wizzy is this…

1. If Davido had gone to The Royal(whatever) he’ll have pulled the same amount of crowd if not more.. Because the numbers don’t lie.
Davido has a higher fan base On instagram he has 4.9million on twitter he has 2.7m
Wizkid on insta has 4m and on twitter has 3.1m.
So for the fact that he has a greater fan base, him in the Royal…. Will have been iconic!!

2. Wizkid made history in a hall which houses barley 5.4k people but Davido made Mali stadium shake…. I don’t need to browse the figure but a stadium beats a hall by capacity, well the Bamako stadium in Mali houses 25k people and it was filled to the brim with people hanging outside, when I watched the Video on his insta page I had goose flesh!!!!! Damn.

3. UK is an english speaking country, infact fadas of english And Ojualegba has some touch of english but I don’t know of one Davido’s song that has French and the Malians Were vibing to it(What more can you ask for mehn)!!

I even saw a woman old enough to be Davido’s mother weeping to meet OBO!! Awwwww
Other things that makes Obo the hottest this year is this…..
Originality and humility(I’ll talk about this later)
Well, I’m not here to shout that Davido is better than Wizkid or Wizkid is better than Davido I’m only here to build on the idea of

Davido is a boss and so is Wizkid…
Their Beef is healthy for their career!!

So brodas leave it, Davido created history in Mali!!! To hell with Oyibo and their INTIMIDATION Wizkid is Legend and so is Davido…..


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