Very seldom do entertainment praise the team behind the success of an artiste. For every single out there, there are numerous others aside the artiste that work hard relentlessly for the success of that hit single that you hear on your radio. It is not surprising that the artiste gets all the reviews and embrace for a successful single for it is their faces that appear on tabloids and television screens. Hardly does a mixing engineer, sound producer, graphics artiste and blogger get a pat on the back for a job well done.
In this light most artistes have degraded themselves to the level of scorning those that slave their time and hide in the background to make every single of theirs a hit single. The team behind every successful artiste out there deserve plaudits for their contribution. Even though they might not be the biggest earners in the entertainment industry, some of them have shown they hold a high stake in the day to day running of the music industry. From the likes of Paul Okoye, Emma Ugolee, Linda Ikeji, Osagie Alongie to others like Akpofure Shedrack et al.
It is highly disgusting then and should be totally condemned when an artiste tramples on the rights of one of those persons he should at least be grateful to. The role of visuals cannot be understated in the industry today and overtime cover arts have proved immense in music promotions. Graphics designers then can be rightfully said to be among the great players in the industry so trampling on them is simply not supposed to be on the cards.

The particular artiste guilty of this ominous act is no other than Emirates Empire new signing Erigga alias paperboi. For an artiste aiming to re-brand his image to suit national appeal it serves as no positives to be embroiled in financial scandals and disputes.
One of the Artwork 

Just as artistes like D'banj have been called out in public for not paying for services rendered to them, Erigga is reportedly courting controversy in the same lines after failing to keep to his side of a bargain with award winning graphics designer @pmykel_designx.
Erigga like every artiste requested the services of Pmykel Designx for an artwork for his upcoming music project. The graphics designer delivered the said job and Erigga reportedly gave his confirmation for the job and even went on to share the artwork in question on his various social media platforms. Pmykel has made several attempts at getting the pidgin English rapper to pay for his job up to no avail. It is a shame for a label that is reportedly said to have enough budget to flaw on this little detail. It is imperative that this issue is cleared without further delay to avoid unnecessary social media spats. View the images below for proof as provided by @pmykel_designx.

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