is a New & Improved Paying Member to Member Payments System, Designed to favour the End users,

Merging is Done Automatically and on Time. Has Been Designed to last, With Different Pay Packages, and Multiple Accounts Allowed.

Pay Packages Ranges From Basic Plan N5,000, Prof Plan N10,000, Master Plan N20,000, Leaders Plan N50,000, and King Plan N100,000.

Each plan Giving a 100% Return Within a 6 Hours to 7 Days Period.

There are NO Guiders/Sponsors in this Platform. This platform has been DESIGNED TO LAST FOREVER and therefore does not support the excess payout privileges of Guiders which drains the system. is here to Change Lives, with a goal to obliterate financial insurficiency, join us in this mutual aid rebellion against financial slavery. will assign people to pay you. After you have received payment from 2 people under you, the system will automatically RESTARTS THE PLAN. YOU CAN REGISTER AS MANY ACCOUNTS AS POSSIBLE.

All donations are made directly to member bank account. Share RichCashClub to people and make the world a better place. Imagine! You make 100% profit 6hrs to 7days. you dont need referals to donate or earn.

How Does It Work?
In,  During Member registration click on choose plan to help another participant on the platform. Once you choose a plan and make donations to another participant, you will be matched with two another members who will pay you 50% each of your donated cash to make it 100%. Once you are matched, you have to send money to the person you are matched with.

Can I open multiple accounts on
Yes, you can, but not with the same, phone number and email. Only one phone number, email is allowed per account. is absolutely legal and does not break any laws. Has a 24hrs accessible Support. Contact Us And Also A Faceboob Page & Twitter Handle to Support and Answer Any Questions From Members

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