January 21, 2017

VIDEO: Uniekgrace - I'm a SURVIVOR (Remix) | @uniekgrace @MrYoungGod

I’m a Survivor REMIX
I am human. I survive! That's what I know how to do.

I have survived The fall of man! The Flood! The Great Depression!

Earthquakes! Cyclones! Typhoons and Tsunamis! I have outlived them all.
I have survived Caesar, Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, Abacha and every other
genocidal oppressor of my right to live freely. They are no more but I am
still here.

I survived shipwrecks, planes falling out of the skies, bombs going off at
train stations and in my backyard; Terrorism, domestically and
internationally. They could not wipe me out.

I am Adam, the first of my kind. I am Abel; death couldn't wipe me out.

I am Noah to rebuild after the flood, Queen Esther that prevented the
genocide, Joseph of Pharaoh's famine, Moses of the Exodus, Queen Amina of
Sokoto, the Chibok Girls, Southern Kaduna acts, Syrian Refuges.

I am human, created by the One true God. He inspires me to master the act
of surviving right from my mother’s womb, that I may live to be more than

I am human. I survive to eventually conquer day after day, year after year.
And now that we have begun a new year, it's time to do it again!!

Uniekgrace unveils this inspiring, motivational soldier-warrior video for
her widely accepted hit single I'M A SURVIVOR (rmx), to be released January
19 2017


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