January 28, 2017

MUSIC: Rex MadeIt ft.Marwin X Manie Monie X Ablaze - Maitama | @rex_maade_it @marwinmarvel @maniemoniee

Nigeria's ace Producer, Rex_Made_It teams up with Singer Ablaze of Rayzican Records alongside Rapper Marwin of BlueBloodMusic and Trap4Gang's CEO Manie Monie to drop this monster hit titled 'Maitama'.
This comes barely a month after the versatile Producer cliched the award of 'The future of Nigerian Trap Beat'.
In the words of RexMadeIt,
"The song, Maitama paints a picture of the YOLO lifestyle which the youths today live and its vibe is such which will lift you off the shores of boredom and bring you to life "...
The song already has gained massive airplay.

Let the sound speak for itself.


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