GX GOSSIP: Artist And Blogger Sirme Saco Dumbili Is A Scam

He claims to be a Nigerian musician and a blogger, hiding under those umbrellas to carry out his scam job.

How Sirme Saco Dumbili Operates
He claims he's an artist and a blogger, showing you the songs he's done online to make you believe he's authentic.
Once he's able to make you believe he's authentic, he lists out his services like
1) Online Promotion
2) Verification Of Artist social medias and others
That was how he was paid 150,000 Nigerian Naira to verify a facebook page, till today, he's blocked everyone everywhere. Due to the pandemic,we have been unable to reach bank to make the report and their online response is slow.
Below are his pictures! don't fall

His social medias 
Twitter: @sirme_saco
facebook: Sirme Saco Dumbili
phone number: +2347035893675/


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